Features of the hotel from ice what is

For those who want to give themselves an incredible New Year’s fairy tale or vivid impressions, an ice hotel open annually. The largest hotel from the ice of ice will begin to receive guests on December seventh. It is located on the territory of Swedish Lapland, in the village of Yukkasjarvi. The first institution of this type was built in 1992, and by today it has already become a tradition to build cold chambers. Over its twenty -year history, it has turned from a small modest room to a needle into a luxurious palace. Icehotel, completely built of snow and ice blocks, has an area of ​​5500 square meters.

Numbers and all furniture are highlighted by multi -colored lights, the interiors are decorated with deer skins. During the winter, the temperature inside the hotel is maintained stable: minus five degrees Celsius. Guests can visit the ice bar, marry in the ice chapel. Friendly employees will organize you a walk on a deer or dog harness, Safari on snowmobiles, a romantic evening under the northern lights. The hotel will work until about the thirteenth of April 2013.

The cost of such pleasure is from 3200 Swedish crowns, about 370 euros per night in a spacious room for two.

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