What to pay attention to when buying a house in

The prices for new buildings in the ISREA are enough and not entirely justified high. Unfortunately, those who wish that are not able to purchase new housing have to turn their eyes to the secondary market. And when buying real estate of more solid age, you can stumble upon the initially not noticeable pitfalls. How to successfully buy a house in Istra and not regret in the future about its acquisition.

Typically, when buying, attention is always drawn to not very important advantages, and they try to hide significant disadvantages in vials. The appearance of the chosen house is certainly important, but do not flatter yourself. It is much more important what is it inside. Moreover, small errors, especially in the decoration of the interior, is so to say, the fact is fixed. You will still make repairs anyway. But the location of the house, its infrastructure and the quality of the structure will be able to significantly ruin life.

The presence of nearby public transport, take into account be sure to. The road to work, to school, the first -aid post should not create significant problems. Watch a little after public order in the area, ask your neighbors. Low -flying aircraft, the rumble of railway compositions, freight transport and street children can significantly affect the quality of life in such a house.

Pay attention to the presence of electricity, gas, water, sewage and other communications in the house. In the absence of any, immediately learn about the possibility of its implementation, so that in the future it does not result in irresistible difficulties. By the way, in the presence of undesirable, but more or less acceptable nuances for you, you can try to bring down the price.

Regarding the design of the house, take into account the state of the foundation, the presence of cracks in the walls, the level of high water and the mobility of the soil in the area, as well as insulation. But all this is difficult to do on your own. It is better to turn to a specialist here.

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