What to look for when choosing a private house

The acquisition of any residential real estate, whether it is an apartment or house, is a very responsible matter. During the choice of the real estate object, you should pay attention to its location without fail, as well as the infrastructure that has a nearby. Since a pharmacy or some kind of store may be needed, urban transport stops, and so on. At the moment when you approach the structure from the side of the street, you should pay attention to such a nuance: the base of the structure should not have any cracks. The foundation is the basis of the whole house, for this reason this design must be worried about the future owner of the housing in the first place.

.If you are satisfied with the cost and in general the state of the entire structure, then you need to pay attention to the fact that the base for the wooden structure is not subject to repair work. For this, piles are used. Recovery will not take much time. What should you pay attention to the structure? There are several rather important points: 1. The condition of the wiring and possible voltage drops in the network (you should take care of the state of household appliances in advance).2. The state of the sewer and water supply systems (if you notice cracks, a decrease in wall thickness or rust on the tap pipe, which goes to the ceiling or floor, then in the near future it is necessary to repair the pipeline).3. It is worth paying attention to heating systems (if an old -style boiler is installed, then in the winter you will have to give a lot of money for gas).4. There should not be cracks and any deformations on the ceiling and walls (otherwise you will need to carry out a major overhaul).5. You should check the abilities and characteristics of the load -bearing beams and floor (if you find the fungus, this suggests that repair work will not be possible to avoid).A very significant point that in most cases they do not pay attention to the acquisition of housing is air humidity. If a lake or river is located nearby, then air humidity cannot be dry. And high humidity in the structure is mold on the ceiling and walls, these are garden ants in the rooms and embezzlement for air drainage.

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