What problems are there in the residential quarter what you need to know

The problem of the residential quarter in terms of reclamation, the microclimate of the quarter and its landscaping is worked out by the Tashkent geophysical observatory on the instructions of the architectural and planning management of the Tashkent City Council.

Wind regime and organization of residential quarter

Very many cities of Central Asia have a large number of calm days and an even larger number of days with a weak wind. In Tashkent, they made 6%, weak winds up to 2 cm inclusive – 65%, together 8%; In Bukhara, 25%were fed, weak winds – 32%, together – 57%; In Ashgabat, the first – 34%, the latter – 40%, together – 74%.

It is known that the air movement reduces overheating of the body, provided that the air temperature does not exceed 37 °, and the relative humidity is close to saturation. In the cities of Central Asia, summer temperatures are often higher than 37 ° during the day, but relative humidity is very far from complete saturation. In Tashkent in June, July and August, relative humidity is 45%, 44%and 46%, and in other cities even lower. In Moscow, relative humidity in June 69%, in July 7% and in August 77%. Consequently, in the cities of Central Asia in the summer months, the air movement is a desirable sanitary-hygienic factor, promising to reduce the overheating of the body.

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