What enterprises are there in Kyiv industries

Fabrics are produced at the Kiev and Darnitsky silk plant. Darnitsky plant is the only one in Ukraine producing natural silk. Raw materials for the manufacture of silk are cocoons of mulberry silkworm.

Light industry also includes enterprises producing small gallery: bags, belts, wallets, sports equipment, etc. D.. Such enterprises include "Start", "Nico".

Furniture industry. The city has well developed furniture industry. Its enterprises produce furniture for educational institutions, medical institutions, offices, banks, household furniture. The largest enterprises are the Bozhenko factory, the office of office and special furniture, the company "Lagoda" and etc.. In recent years, the quality of their products has significantly improved.

Printing industry. Kyiv has a powerful printing industry. This industry has more than twenty enterprises. One of the largest printing plant in Ukraine "Ukraine", equipped with the latest equipment. The plant specializes in the manufacture of forms of securities (shares, bonds, certificates, bills), strict accounting documents (passports, certificates, certificates, diplomas), etc. D.. At the same time, the polygraph -component remains one of the largest enterprises that produces books, magazines, postage stamps, calendars, posters.

The largest publishers belong "Dnieper", "Rainbow", "Knowledge", "Lybid", "Naukova Dumka", "Dawn" and a number of others.

The first Kyiv light industry enterprises arose in the second half of 19 in. Light industry produces consumer goods – fabrics, knitted products, finished clothes, shoes.

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