What are the building zones what to pay attention to

The whole question is, which is, in composition, power, state and properties, individual “tapes” in tape clay.

Some researchers to study the granulometric composition of the tape clay are mixed, and then, depending on the number of clay particles, the tape clay is called the sandy loam, a loam. This cannot be considered permissible. The term ribbon clay only indicates that the called clay deposits called the packs of thin layers (ribbons) and no more.

From the foregoing it is clear that the described processes during piles are noted in a limited volume of soil, which is the area of ​​deformation. If you summarize the known data about the region and its structure, then the following areas can be distinguished in it:

I zone – a tightly tight -fitting shell with a thickness of 0.3-1.75 cm, in which it is clearly possible to trace the thin vertical layer of the horizontal layers of overlying soils pierced by piles;

II Zone – a seal zone located concentrically with the first thickness of 0.2 to 3 if with the direction of the layers with a bulge upward.

III zone – transitional to soil with non -warled addition, it begins immediately behind the second zone and has a thickness of 2 to 10. The soil layers are directed down downward. In this zone, as they move away from the pile, the soil acquires the features characteristic of its natural occurrence. Outside of this zone, the soil practically does not undergo any changes, only elastic deformations can be temporarily observed in it.

Under the tip of the piles, a compacted zone is formed, the size of which depends on the size of the pile, the type of used pile equipment and the properties of the soil.

A number of researchers found that the size of the deformation area is growing as the pile plunges. From the literature, one can see that the state of the III zone will depend, apparently, on the texture and indicator of consistency B, and not on the degree of water supply of soils, as previously assumed.

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