Rent or sale of an office what to choose a comparison

Any entrepreneur over time has the problem of acquiring an office premises, but the question is: what is better to buy it or rent it? There are various features in the processes of buying and renting an office, more on this in more detail. If there is a desire to purchase a premises in property, you need to weigh the whole “pros” and “against”. It is best to make such purchases, when the business is gaining momentum, holds good positions in the market, stands confidently on his feet. If it is at the stage of emergence, then it is best to temporarily rent an office.

The purchase of an office premises is most profitable for organizations that do not plan to change their location in the near future. These include hairdressers, travel agencies, private clinics. That is, these are firms that provide various kinds of services, they have developed a client base, and it is extremely not profitable to move. Often they purchase apartments in residential buildings on the first floors, make a redevelopment and use under commercial real estate. As a rule, the main customers of such companies are residents of neighboring houses. There is also a good opportunity to increase the office area by purchasing another apartment nearby. If the business is not very large, and there are no more than 10 people in the staff of the organization, then the office rental will be more profitable.

You can purchase a premises by using the help of real estate agencies or yourself by viewing ads in newspapers, the Internet. You can also buy an office in large business centers, this is quite profitable, since such centers are very popular and always in demand. A big plus of own real estate is the ability to rent it out, having a good monthly income, or sell at a higher price. In other words, investing in commercial real estate is very, very profitable.

Office rental in Moscow

Since the beginning of the 90s, the construction of business centers began in Moscow, which were necessary for the location of international corporations in them. It was at that time that significant figures that were able to carry out their first profitable investment on the market. With an increase in the number of buildings, they began to be divided depending on their location, the parameters of the construction of the quality and the number of equipment used in their construction, and also paid attention to the consciousness of various amenities necessary for tenants.

The choice of industrial real estate

In the implementation of the selection of objects that must meet all the requirements, the most difficult is the selection of the production real estate segment. This is practically not due to the fact that the number of requirements presented is much larger, in the same case when choosing an apartment. This is due to the fact that the number of sentences is much less, and it is quite difficult to find the required parameters in one place. In this regard, the selection of this kind of objects can last for several months. Now the requirements will be considered that can be presented to the production facility.

Alternative solutions for the capital’s real estate market

Increasingly, we hear about the imminent saturation of the commercial real estate market. The number of free areas will soon increase, and we can talk about the tendency to reduce the price of rental of office space. So …

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