Prices in the Kyiv Real Estate market what to take into account

In August, an increase in activity, an increase in the number of purchase and sale transactions was noticeable in the construction market.

Crimean Real Estate: Prices

At the end of summer, the pricing policy in the construction market of Crimea remained unchanged. In the secondary market of the city of Simferopol, prices on average in the construction market at the end of summer were:

– 1 -room – 1030 dollars./m2;

– 2 -room – 1023 dollars./m2;

– 3 -room – 920 dollars./m2;

– houses – 1250 dollars./m2.

At the end of summer, activity in the construction market of Crimea intensified: Crimean real estate increased in price. Prices for the most popular 1-room apartments (+3%) have increased significantly. A peculiar incentive for increasing the activity of the Crimean real estate market was the threat of US default, which reduced the level of trust in the dollar, as well as the financial markets of this country. Experts talk about the possibility of moving investments from financial markets to the construction market. Residents are also excited about the prospect of depreciation of dollars and consider the construction market as a reliable sphere for investing. All this speaks of possible serious changes in the construction market of Crimea. Of course, there is no question of a strong increase in activity, we can only say that now market activity has increased significantly in comparison with pre -crisis time.

Crimean real estate: proposal and demand

The number of objects sold increased by 5%. Market volume – 10326 points.

Demand has grown in all market segments.

Forecast of Crimean Construction Market: Prices: September +1% October +2% November +1% December 0%

The forecast is relied on the current macroeconomic indicators of our country and the state of the world economy.

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