Particular construction in the construction of a cottage on a land plot

Before you can build a dacha pass, a lot of effort and energy will be spent and many mistakes will be made. So that you can avoid them, we decide to write this article.

The first to decide on this is the goals that your home should serve. Will you live in it only in the summer, or on an ongoing basis. The size of your home and the number of rooms and then from which you decide to build a summer house will depend on this decision. If you live in a house on an ongoing basis, you will need to take care of a full -fledged bedroom, living room, if guests suddenly come.

Then you need to pay great attention to the walls and the roof. If you live in the house not only in the summer, then you will need to insulate the walls of the house and the roof. In winter, this will provide you with additional heat in the house, and in the summer it will protect from the heat.

Then you will need to decide on the foundation for your house. This will depend on the soil on which you decided to build a cottage, the level of groundwater and the level of freezing of the soil. In any case, it is best to consult with a specialist who will give you recommendations.

An important role in the construction of a summer residence is played by layout. For example, why the heating system of the cottage, which you will come only in winter. For example, you can abandon a full -fledged kitchen and cook in a summer kitchen, which will save you. The bathroom can be taken to the site near the house. But the bedroom needs to be thought out thoroughly. In it you can relax on a hot summer day, or after a hard day.

Often built a cottage, the owners begin to build a bath, barn, garage. But you need to build them only if you really intend to use them. For example, if you rarely come to the country, then why do you need a garage. Sarai is built when there is something to store in it.

Thus, before starting to build a bath, you need to consider the question of the frequency of your visits to the country, many decisions will depend on this.

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