Important hotel selection points for living

For a whole year we have been living with dreams of rest at sea, collecting money, we choose a place for a long time. How not to be mistaken and not spoil the long -awaited vacation with bad impressions. Islands or Europe? Or maybe Egypt or Türkiye?

After we chose the country, it remains to choose the right hotel. During the choice of the hotel, there are a number of important points that should be taken into account. In no case do not choose a hotel based on the cost. If the hotels of the class under consideration of approximately the same price category, and several others offer too low prices, then, in all likelihood, something is wrong in them.

Any surprise can wait for you here: near the construction work, any excesses that have occurred at the hotel, a huge number of complaints of guests recently, other owners with a low level of the hotel and something else that can only spoil your impressions of relaxation. In good hotels, everything should be at the highest level, both high -class service and installed air conditioners. The only exception will be the case when the hotel recently opened. In this case, the prices for accommodation in it can be much lower, and quite often, it is given the opportunity for high -quality rest for small funds in a decent hotel.

What is required for good vacation? Let’s determine some points in terms of choosing a hotel:

– price category and star;

– close location of the city;

– close arrangement of attractions;

– landscaping and size of the territory;

– hotel age;

– the presence of pools;

– the presence of restaurants and bars;

– quality of food;

– Service quality and much more.

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