How to sell an apartment at a favorable price without intermediaries

The desire to profitably sell the apartment and at the same time not to risk anything, it makes the owner contact the realtors, but their services cost a lot of money. If the sales are settled, and you have never done similar matters, then you can’t do without an agency. If there is enough time to complete this task, then at least the main part of it can be taken upon yourself.

First you should know that not any time of the year is suitable for a successful transaction. Sleeps and rises in the real estate market are sharply dependent on the season. During summer holidays, it is extremely disadvantageous to sell property, it is better to transfer this task to autumn – it is then that the demand for real estate increases sharply.

Typically, the owner tries to present the apartment to customers in the most advantageous form, making an expensive major overhaul in it. However, do not count on the fact that the design of the room you like will arrange a potential buyer. And not every future owner will want to overpay for repairs, and subsequently completely redo it.

Realtors can help correctly the cost of housing. Usually they provide this service for free. If you count here only for yourself, then when evaluating your own meters, consider the average market value and factors such as proximity to the city center, the nearest metro station or stop, floor, and others.

But perhaps the most responsible process – paperwork, should be entrusted to a lawyer. It will draw up a competent agreement stipulating the terms of the transaction. After all the documents are already ready, a trilateral agreement is concluded in the bank, after the signing of which the transaction is registered in the relevant authority.

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