How to rent a cottage for a wedding celebration

Despite the economic situation, everyone wants to celebrate the wedding, solemnly. Renting a cottage for a wedding will cost much cheaper than a hall in a restaurant or cafe.

And if there are many guests, then this will solve the issue with the placement of them. In addition, a large site will allow a solemn event on the street. In order not to have problems with neighbors, you should ask the owner of the house, about whether it is possible to make noise on the street. At the same time, renting a cottage for a wedding has its own characteristics. Its great advantage is the ability to prepare treats for guests and independently set the festive table. If there is no time for this, then you can invite a brigade of cooks from a restaurant. This will cost much cheaper than a restaurant service. If the wedding is scheduled for summer time, then you can prepare a treat on the street in Kazan. The Kazanov store will allow you to choose the right dishes for such an event. As a rule, in the cottage for the wedding there is a billiard room, table tennis, you can use the Russian bath and pool. The cost of renting a cottage will be approximately the same as the restaurant. But at the same time there is the possibility of accommodating guests, which will save money on the rental of a hotel. There are many rooms in such cottages, a large banquet hall, as well as comfortable bedrooms. Not everyone has the opportunity to place guests in the apartment. Many rent rooms in hotels, which is also not cheap. The cottage will have the opportunity to spend a holiday in the fresh air, organize various entertainment. After all, unlike the restaurant, the cottage is removed for several days.

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