How to individually choose a room in a hotel what to take into account

Moscow and St. Petersburg, two ever-competing capitals of the same country and two beautiful cities, one of the most beautiful places in Europe: museums, theaters, architectural and historical monuments, incendiary parties and entertainment, city excursions and broad prospects for doing business. In these cities, thousands of tourists accept hotels daily and, of course, that during rest or business trips you need to find the best option for accommodation. What points should I pay attention to the hotel? What is the connection between the star of the hotel and the quality of service?

Naturally, the result in the search for hotels depends on the goals that the guest sets for himself. For example: one wants to find an economy option, but with amenities, and the other provides itself with a comfort to a maximum with a gym, a jacuzzi and a warm floor in a room, the third may generally need a conference room for business meetings.

A spacious and comfortable conference room at the hotel is ideal for conducting business and solemn meetings, conferences and business events of any level.

As a rule, experienced travelers, hotel rooms are booking in advance, use you, such a service as online booking and provide yourself with housing with your appropriate capabilities and preferences.

Well, if you are an ordinary tourist and plan to visit the maximum excursions, then you should choose a hotel located in close proximity to the historical and cultural center of the city. For businessmen, the optimal solution will be the settlement in the business area, with the availability of conference rooms and the necessary office equipment-computers, faxes, xeroxes, etc. D.

For foreigners, it is important that the hotel provides certain additional services, such as: registration of guests, ordering air and railway tickets, as well as a transfer from the airport. For those who travel by car – free, but guarded parking in the territory.

And of course, the most important factors are the correspondence of the level of price and service.

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