How to competently find a commercial criteria

The selection of a production premises for a printing house is a rather complicated process. In addition to the standard parameters of real estate objects, it is necessary to study the features of the ventilation of the premises. The quality and cost of products of the printing house, as well as on the well -being and health of the company’s personnel, greatly affects the level of humidity in industrial premises. In order for office equipment to work properly, and paper retains its qualities, it is necessary to pay special attention to ventilation systems. Humidity changes the linear dimensions of printed products, promotes the accumulation of electrostatic charges of cardboard, paper and intertwined materials. In addition, high humidity causes the growth of diseases of the respiratory organs of personnel and prevents comfortable working conditions.

Placing plotters in production areas, printing specialists, as a rule, determine the level of humidity in the premises of experimentally. The parameters of the production premises are determined by its purpose. For example, in form workshops, areas of deep and offset printing and in workshops intended for the operation of falsification of products, the level of air humidity should be within 50-60%.

In the rooms where stencil printing is carried out, gluing and trimming processes are carried out, the humidity level is taken equal to 60-70%. In areas where paper destroyers are placed and trial printing on plane machines is carried out, the humidity level should not exceed 70-80%. To increase the level of comfort in the premises and reduce the likelihood of respiratory tract of employees, experts recommend choosing those areas where the relative humidity is maintained in 55%. This also guarantees the minimum accumulation of electrostatic charges for products.

During the heating season in many squares, there is a need for artificial air moisture. Although the outer, cold air has a relative humidity of 80%, it is known for a small absolute moisture content. To solve the problem, experts recommend heating the outer air to a temperature of 18-23 degrees Celsius, and then measure its humidity. Under such conditions, it is only 15-20%.When choosing a production premises, not only the performance and efficiency of the ventilation equipment is evaluated, but also the safety of the system for a person.

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