Features of the cottage village “Lesnoy Lake”

Everyone hunts to feel warmth and comfort in their country house. You can relax and relax well after a difficult working day in the capital. Large cities, such as Kyiv, are oversaturated with people, and constant vanity presses on the head, because of this constant nerves and depression, trouble at home and at work.

Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the rest of the whole family, and the cottage near nature is the best option!

If you are looking for a place in Kyiv, which would be not far from work, while there would be a forest and lakes nearby, a cottage village of Lesnoy Lake is perfect for you. It is located on the 13th kilometer along the Novo-Obukhov highway, and this is only 10 minutes drive to the border of Kyiv! The cottage town has round -the -clock protection, convenient entrances to each house, which is very convenient. The name of the town fully reflects the essence, both the lake and the forest are available, and what is quite thick and beautiful, and the lake has the rare blue and attracts its appearance. There are no industrial enterprises, the air is clean and fresh, fuss and noise are far behind in Kyiv. This is a very good place if your family has children. They will definitely be comfortable and safe in such conditions.

The construction of cottages is carried out according to the latest technology – a monolithic foundation, brick walls with foam insulation, overlap reinforced concrete, monolithic. Each facade is plastered and painted according to the project. All the necessary engineering communications are provided here – this is a sewage system, water supply, gas, its own transformer station, telephone communication and even high -speed Internet.

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