Bangkok Palace Hotel what is

To be honest, I want to emphasize that the country that we decided to visit is rich in sights is charming and generous. At least, it seemed to me just such. A day later, when they unpacked and the nerves calmed down, they began to notice the good moments of the resort. Иногда прогуливались вечером городу по всяким улочкам, везде в смысле безопасности спокойно, никто не обидит. Bangkok Palace Hotel is planned so that a beautiful panorama opens from any room: mountains, sea.

If you have the opportunity to go exclusively there. Calm hotel, there were practically no compatriots, a delicious diverse meals, the rooms were opened with an electronic key – it was clear by the color of the key in the restaurant. The numbers are cozy, they are always removed according to the schedule before lunch, we have removed the number every day. Very nutritious and diverse seafood kitchen: land, oysters, corresponding salads, mussels, fish in great abundance. From the very beginning to the very end, we felt attention and care. It was like a stay in the house of friends rather than a hotel. Animation – for young children, just wonderful, for kids a great ministry club. It’s good that we went here. You can always swim. The organization of excursions we remained completely satisfied. Got a lot of impressions. In short, Bangkok Palace Hotel liked. You can’t imagine better!

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