Prince 2 Goa Description Hotel Location

Prince 2 Goa is located in the very center, in the Kalangut area. In addition, you will not need to go to the beach for a long time, because it is only – only 500 m from the hotel. Also Prince 2 is located 42 km from the airport g. Dabolim. The Prince 2 Hotel was built back in 1998, and its area is 900 m2. The hotel is a two -storey building in which 15 rooms. In general, we can say that a mid -level hotel, it is comfortable and is comfortable in it.

In the room you will have a balcony, by the way, it is quite large, so here you can spend your whole evening after a hard day alone and with comfort. You will also have a shower, a ceramic coating throughout the number. In addition, in the room you will see a TV, phone and of course – toilet.

In the hotel itself you can spend your time in a bar or in the Internet cafe, but it is worth noting that you will pay from the wallet there, because it is not included in the cost. You can always call a call doctor in which case, but he will also go at an additional cost. You may please you free parking, which is designed for all visitors of the hotel. The restaurant is also included in the cost of the ticket, which can not be said about the services of the laundry and the safe. By the way, the safe is intended for you to hide your most secret things there.

Prince 2 Goa boasts its beautiful beach, which is 500 m from the hotel. The road passes between the hotel and the beach, so you will need to go this distance on foot. Of course, you can hire a car, but it will go at an additional cost. All that you see near the pool at the hotel, namely umbrellas and sun loungers, is all free, but how – only you enter the beach and want to order it there, then you will have to lay out a few bills, because on the beach all this is paid.

In general, this hotel is suitable for those. who appreciates comfort, and who does not like long distances, especially from the hotel to the beach. Also in the Prince 2 Hotel there are all the entertainment for children, for example, if you do not want to let them go to the sea, then they can be purchased in the pool. And you are calm and their joy. Therefore, find out prices, book rooms and tune in to a vacation that will bring you a lot of impressions and emotions, which you probably will remember for a long time. Do not forget to take your children, if they are, arrange an unforgettable rest for them!

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