How to plan a trip to Jordan, we pick up a hotel

The hotel is located at some distance from Petra, surrounded by the mountains. Recommended for lovers of secluded relaxation.

Number of rooms

Total in the hotel 99 rooms.

Service in the room

In all rooms: air conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerator, safe, iron / ironing board, bathroom / shower / toilet. Room cleaning – daily.


2 restaurants, 1 bar, open pool (does not work in winter), Turkish bath, sauna, laundry room, conference room.

When planning a tourist trip to such a country as Jordan, you should remember that you need to pay special attention to what clothes you will take with you. In Jordan, a hot and dry climate, solar activity is quite high, therefore, when choosing clothes, you need to adhere to light tones, since the lighter the color of the material, the less it is heated by the sun’s rays. Do not forget that your body should be good "breathe" Through this material, so all the clothes should be sewn from natural fabrics, the ideal solution in this case will be clothing from flax and cotton. If you plan to make several excursions during your vacation in Jordan, then you also need to take care of choosing the right shoes. You have to walk a lot on sand and rocky terrain, so the shoes should be quite strong, flexible and easy. Many manufacturers of clothing and shoes today in their assortment of products have special collections of clothes for travel.

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